At least not anytime soon

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Early retirement seems to be the latest masturbation fantasy of Americans. While it may be a fantasy for many, it is only a potential reality for the privileged few who have high-paying jobs and began retirement planning as soon as they entered the workforce.

However, I recently read an article about a married couple who retired in their 30s. My response after “WTF” was “WHY?”

While only a very privileged few are likely to retire in their 30s, many individuals have the goal of retiring in their 40s, 50s, or early 60s. …


Thrifty Words 100 Challenge #21: Motivation

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Most students who fail do not do so because they aren’t capable but because they lack motivation and confidence.

A good teacher will provide students with both by showing that they care. Caring is shown with kind words, smiles, empathy, a nod of recognition, eye contact, a positive gesture, engaging in honest communication, and letting students know that you have confidence in their ability to succeed.

When students know that you care and have confidence in their success, they will be motivated to succeed.

Teachers have the unique opportunity to either motivate or demotivate students.

Please don’t fuck it up!


Thrifty Word Challenge 100: #20 Trance

Image by Enrique Meseguer from Pixabay

I met and fell in love with Renate, a beautiful German enchantress, in 1988.

We were both married although estranged from our spouses. We fought our mutual attraction for a while, but we lost the fight.

From the first time we had sex, it was so amazing that it seemed like a fantasy. Our sexual desire was so intense that we entered another dimension and into a trance-like state.

A state of total absorption. Nothing else existed except the other’s body. Sexual sensations were more intense than I ever felt with another woman before…


The ancient race to the egg

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Copulation ended with ejaculation
and the sperm cumpetition was on!
First, avoid retrograde flow and
death on the bedsheets.

The half-frenzied cumpetition survivors,
thick, slick, and hyperactive,
headed through vast dark tunnels,
capacitating as they go.

Penetratingly focused on their zona-bound mission,
no other race is so victim-laden as cohorts
who chose a bad course wandered into apical crypts
laden with deadly sulfomucin and perished.

The microscopic tadpoles dash on like escaped mad men,
like a drowner driven to oxygen,
the journey a seas-width heat,
racing to either life or death.

When they jolted…

Ignorance and hatred are the fuels; Trump is the match

Image by Suhas Rawool from Pixabay

The Republican Party, the Grand Old Party (GOP), was founded in 1854 ironically enough, given their current position on race issues, by opponents of the Kansas-Nebraska Act, which allowed for the potential expansion of chattel slavery into the western territories of the United States. Under the leadership of Abraham Lincoln, the first Republican President, slavery was banned in the U.S. in 1865.

The GOP began to undergo an ideological shift to the right during the Presidency of William Taft in 1912. The GOP has become more conservative, male-centric, paternalistic, homophobic…

Gainesville, Florida, in the early 1970s, had terrific live music

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I attended graduate school at the University of Florida in Gainesville, receiving my M.S. in 1972 and Ph.D. in 1975. Since I love live music and especially Rock and Roll, I was thrilled by the live music scene in Gainesville.

I developed friendships with six fellow graduate students, four males and two females, who were also music lovers. In some combination, the seven of us could be found in one or more clubs listening to live music and, of course, drinking virtually every Friday or Saturday night.

Quickly, Dub’s, a…

James Knight

Old unreformed unf**kwithable professor with a rock & roll soul, still crazy after all these years and still running against the wind.

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